Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Death Metal Mod Kit

MT-2 Death Metal Kit


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Modification Descriptions:

Death Metal - The Death Metal mod makes the pedal sound much fuller. The EQ is much better and has more range than the stock pedal. It's great for metal and has better overdrive tones. It changes the nasally, synthetic distortion sound into a more natural, dynamic distortion. This mod turns the pedal into a well rounded distortion that is good for a lot of different types of music (despite the mods name).

Noise Suppression - Now all MT-2 mods include the Noise Suppression mod that cuts the noise when not playing down by about 2/3! In Demo 1 Volume, Mids, Treble and Distortion are all turned up to make it as noisy as possible. First part is stock and second is with the NS mod.

Death Metal Samples:
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