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About us

About us

Our company

Griffin Effects has been officially modifying, repairing, and building effects pedals, guitars and amplifiers since 1991. Our goal is to provide unique pedals and kits with attention to detail and quality parts. 

Our team

Bill started repairing pedals back in the late 80's. Not by choice. Sometimes we just get thrown into things. He started out  installing a car stereo. Not wanting to just twist the wires together and throw some electrical tape on, he bought a soldering iron from Radio Shack (back when Radio Shack was good and not a cell phone store). The next day a co-worker saw his new stereo and wanted him to install one in his truck. Bill went over to his house and got to work. The co-workers uncle saw Bill working with the soldering iron. Turns out the uncle owned a small music instrument store. He asked Bill if he could repair a guitar pedal. With about an hour of soldering under his belt and really no knowlege about electronics, Bill accepted the challenge. The man gave him a Crybaby wah and he went to work and fixed it. The man then handed him a box full of broken pedals and let him go to work. This was the beginning of the addiction to pedals.

In 1988, Bill formed a small pedal company in called Hot Mods. Hot Mods specialized in modifying pedals. In the early 90's, Bill designed his first few pedals. The Purple Nurple Fuzz, King Cobra Overdrive, and Super FreQ envelope filter. In 1991, Bill moved Hot Mods to Kennewick, WA where he met up with another local small business, Griffin Electronics, owned by Tony. The two merged together under the Griffin Electronics name. After a few years, Tony was unable to work due to health issues. Bill took over and changed the name to Griffin Effects.

Bill is self-taught and has read many electronic engineering textbooks over the years to understand what he was doing rather than just winging it. Today he has a great understanding of great tone and proper design which makes his products stand above the competition.

For all who are curious as to where the Griffin came from. It was Tony's dogs name.


Griffin Effects is located in Kennewick, Washington.