Parasite relay true bypass module

Parasite True Bypass Switching Module

Reference: PARASW1

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The Parasite True Bypass Module is a low-cost true bypass relay option for Boss and Ibanez pedals that have the *flip-flop style FET bypass. It should also work with any pedal that has the FET flip-flop bypass.

This switching module is called the Parasite because it uses the existing flip-flop switching already found in pedals to actuate a relay that now does the bypassing.

The LED is still turned on/off by the existing flip-flop so it's isolated from the relay switching to prevent any popping.

The Parasite is a great way to achieve pop-free true bypass, it's easy to install, and it uses the stock switch so there isn't any drilling or ugly switch sticking out of your pedal.

Measures only 0.75 x 0.64 inches (19.05 x 16.21 mm) so it will fit in just about any pedal.

*Confirmed working with the TU-2's digital/processor based bypass. See instructions. Thank you George Langston of Langston Guitar And Amp Works.


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Easy installation

It was way easier to install than I thought. Super small and worked perfect.

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