Calculators/Tools - Griffin Effects


Griffin Effects Layout Editor - Free online stripboard and perboard layout editor
Griffin Effects Layout Editor2 - Free online schematic, stripboard, and perboard layout editor


SMD Resistor Code Decoder

4 Band Resistance Decoder

5 Band Resistance Decoder

Capacitor Code Decoder - Convert the 3 digit code on caps into µF, nF, and pF

Capacitor Code Converter - Convert codes to values and convert values to codes


Bandpass EQ/Gyrator Calculator

R/C Filter Rolloff Calculator

Tube Bias Calculator

Big Muff Pi Bias Resistor Calculator

Fuzz Face Bias Resistor Calculator

Jfet Buffer Bias Calculator


Stripboard Planner - Plan out your stripboard projects with this - 828KB PDF Download

Breadboard Planner - Plan your breadboard projects with this - 225KB PDF Download