Boss DS-1 Rock Hard Kit

DS-1 Rock Hard Kit


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Modification Descriptions:

Rock Hard - We have eliminated all the treble buzz and what's left is a great distortion! We have been tweaking with the DS-1 for many years trying to make is sound better. We stray from the normal modding avenues and try something a little different. The result is the DS-1 Rock Hard. We've taken the 80's metal out of the pedal and made it a sweet tone machine. Fat sound, well controlled top end, a good midrange and no more fizzy distortion. We've also moved away from using LED's for clipping with this mod and use transistors instead. The result is an amazing sounding pedal with a '70's hard rock edge.

IMPORTANT: This kit will not work with the new SMT version. If you have any questions about which version you have, contact us.

Rock Hard Samples:

Rock Hard Demo 1

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