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Wah Bottom Plate Aluminum


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Replace that flimsy, thin wah bottom plate with a much sturdier one. Makes for a solid attachment when mounting on a pedal board.

Made from almost 2mm thick corrosion resistant aluminum with a copper layer all to help block any RF signals. There is a black polymer protective coating on one side.

Comes with or without a battery compartment* hole.

We've confirmed it fits on these pedals below but may fit on others:

Dunlop: GCB-95, GCB-95F, JC-95, JC-95B, JC-95FFS, SW-95, KH-95X, LN-95, GCB-65, TBM-95, DB-01, GCJ-95, 535Q, JP-95, CM-95, SC-95, MC-404, KH-95 or pretty much any Dunlop wah that uses the standard Dunlop wah enclosure which is pretty much all of them.


*Battery compartment sold separately.