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VPJR Buffer Retrofit Mod Serivce


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Modification Description:
Buffer Retrofit Stop your volume pedal from destroying your tone! The Griffin Effects Buffer Retrofit adds and input and 2 output buffers (one on the output and one on the tuner output) to the pedal. This does two things. It isolates the pickups to prevent loading of the volume pot and removes the series resistance of the pot combining with the capacitance to ground of the guitar cable. The tone that goes in is the tone that comes out!

What's New:

  • Piranha RGB LED: It's brighter and you can choose red, green, or blue and change it whenever you want. Choose the color of the LED from the color picker above.
  • There is also a switch to turn the LED on/off.
  • Buffer on the tuner output (also selectable)

This kit is for the passive volume pedals. After installation, your pedal will be an active pedal and require a standard 2.1 center negative power supply (not included). The volume pedals circuit board will be replaced with a new one. This new circuit board will have a  DC jack on it. To make plugging a power supply in a lot easier, we suggest our DC cable extention or you can request the DC jack be mounted on the outside of the pedal.

Some volume pedals have a taper switch or pot. Installing this retrofit will remove this function as you will no longer need it. This retrofit will not work on stereo pedals.

This kit has been sucessfully installed on these following VPJR versions:


If you version isn't listed, contact us and we can help see if it will work for your pedal. It should work in most "JR" pedals with the same jack configuration.

You will receive a email shortly after purchasing that has all the info you need to send your pedal in.

Limited 5 year warranty