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Wah Switch Troubleshooting

The switch I got with my wah kit is too short. I can't turn on/off my pedal.

Q: Did I get the right switch?
A: Yes, the switch that comes with the kit is sometimes shorter than the one that was in the pedal. It's the same size switch as 1000's of people have used to true bypass their wah pedals.

Q: What do I do to make it work?
A: There are a few things that can be done.

1. Make sure you only use the top washer and nut. Remove the bottom nut and lock washer. This will make the switch stick up as much as possible.

3pdt switch for wah pedal

2. This is the most common problem. The felt pad under the treadle has been too compressed. Take a look at the pad and see if the switch has compressed it. Either replace the pad or pull it off and move it so the top of the switch hits a fatter part of the pad.

3. You have the long rubber bump stops on the treadle. You can cut the top part off at the thinnest part. This also gives you a slight bit more of treadle travel so that's good too.

wah bump stops and felt pad

Like I said, usually the felt pad is just too compressed where the switch hits but doing one or a combination of these will get your switch working.