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Dunlop JH-2 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mods

Dunlop JH-2 Hendrix - Free

Mod 1:

This mod will make the JH-2 quieter and sound amazing.

1. Replace the 1K Fuzz control with a 2K potentiometer.

2. Replace Resistor A with a 1K resistor.

3. Replace Resistor B with a 10K or 20K trimmer.

To do this refer to: Replacing a resistor with a trimmer

4. Remove the two transistors and replace them with sockets. Putting the sockets on the trace side of the board allows for easy experimentation. Try BC109's. They sound really good. Try different NPN transistors but watch leg configuration. They all aren't the same.

Dunlop JH-2 Hendrix Fuzz 1Dunlop JH-2 Hendrix Fuzz 2



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