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Boss CH-1 Blinking Rate Status LED Mod

This mod is for the SMT version (CH-1A on the board) of the pedal.

The status (on/off) LED will blink. The blinking increases and decreases when you increase and decrease the rate knob. This is useful on dark stages so you can see the rate without having to see the knob. Plus it's just cool!

You don't have to but I replace the stock red status LED with a super bright LED because a bright blinking light is better than a dull blinking light. The orange wire goes to the positive of the LED.

Remove the other end of the orange wire from the corner of the main circuit board and solder a little piece of wire to it (about 2-3"). Cover this solder joint with heat shrink tube, electrical tape, hot glue or something else to prevent shorting.

boss ch-1 led mod

Solder the end of this wire to the positive leg of capacitor C48. C48 is a through-hole component so it's pretty easy to do. I like to solder it to the solder pad on the opposite side of the board (see picture). If you run the wire to this side of the board there is a little notch on the side of the board you can run the wire through.

That's all there is to it. You're done.


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