Trom-Bone PCB compare to the Trombetta Mini-Bone Fuzz

Trom-Bone PCB

Reference: TBONE1

Compare to Trombetta Mini-Bone


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The Trom-Bone is the ultimate fuzz for players that rely on dynamics. Pick harder, yield more dirt. If you play classic rock, blues, country, stoner grunge shoegaze or something from another world, you will love the Stapes.

The Trom-Bone gets spanky not spikey when you roll your vol. down, retaining volume and eq. There is a rainbow of organic tones and textures within your guitar's vol knob.

The Trom-Bone gain knob is usable throughout the entire sweep too. Never loses feel.

Do you want something unique? Flip the Mood switch and spin the Mood knob. You'll find greasy grime, trumpet, trombone, and french horn tones, low octaves that you can bring in and out with your vol. and pick attack, ring moddish intermodulations, exploding amp tones and more.

Even in extreme settings you can roll your volume knob off for spanky overdrive or cleans that retain Volume and EQ.

    Huge amount of volume on tap.
    Discrete stable silicon. Always delivers under any condition.
    Two way tone switch next to input gives you two distinct tone flavors.
    Power consumption 2ma.
    Includes 3PDT Breakout PCB

Tayda Drill Template for 125B, Top Mount Jacks, DCJACK1 DC Jack, 3mm LED