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Sabre II Bass Preamp

Reference: SBR2BPA1

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The Sabre II Bass preamp is a highly sought after preamp. This is a reproduction of the Sabre II Bass preamp designed by Leo Fender that incorporates a volume, treble, bass control and bright switch. This could be installed in any passive or active bass. Runs on one 9v battery. With a current consumption of just 44uA, a battery should last years!

Things needed for installation:
1x- 100K Log Potentiometer: Buy
1x- 25K (or 20K) Log Potentiometer: Buy
1x- 1M Reverse Log Potentiometer: Buy
1x- Battery Snap: Buy
1x- Stereo Jack: Buy

Optional - If you want the Bright switch you need one of the following:
1x- SPST Toggle Switch 
1x- SPST Rocker Switch
1x- Use a Push-Pull potentiometer for the 100K Log or 25K Log potentiometer: Buy


v1.3 - Changed jumpers in circuit from through-hole pads to surface mount pads. v1.1 instructions still apply without any updates to the install.