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Musicman Stingray II Guitar Preamp

Reference: STGRY2G1

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Our Stingray II guitar preamp is a reproduction from a actual 1977 Stingray II guitar. This works in all Stingray guitars and could be installed in any passive or active guitar. It runs on one 9v battery. With a current consumption of just 44uA, a battery should last years!

The instructions include wiring diagrams and illustrations that cover both the original wiring along with our “modified” wiring. The original rotary switch in this guitar had very abnormal switching sequence so we converted it to use a more readily available rotary switch.

We documented the repair of a 1977 Stingray II guitar preamp in our blog:

Things needed for installation:
2x- 1M Linear Potentiometer: Buy
1x- 25K (or 20K) Log Potentiometer: Buy
1x- Battery Snap: Buy
1x- Stereo Jack: Buy
x- Rotary Switch: Buy

Optional - If you want the Bright switch you need one of the following:
1x- SPST Toggle Switch: 
1x- SPST Rocker Switch: Buy
1x- Use a Push-Pull potentiometer for the 25K Log potentiometer: Buy