Musicman Stingray Bass Preamp

Musicman Stingray Bass Preamp

Reference: MMSRPRE1

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The Musicman Stingray™ preamp is a highly sought after preamp. This is a reproduction of the 1979 2 band EQ designed by Leo Fender that incorporates a volume, treble, and bass control. This could be installed in any passive or active bass. Runs on one 9v battery. With a current consumption of just 44uA, a battery should last years!

Treble Control (+20dB/-16dB @ 10kHz):
This is more treble boost than treble cut. This gives it that "sizzle" associated with the Stingray.

Bass Control (+14dB/-7dB @ 40Hz):
The boost curve rises towards the lower frequencies without flattening out at any frequency. The cut response is shelving, flattening out at 30 - 100Hz when fully cut.

Volume Control:
Controls the volume of the preamp. The volume control is hooked up directly to the output jack just like the original. This means the pickup feeds the preamp directly, allowing the best possible transfer of signal.

Things needed for installation:
1x- 100K Log Potentiometer: Buy
1x- 25K (or 20K) Log Potentiometer: Buy
1x- 1M Reverse Log Potentiometer: Buy
1x- Battery Snap: Buy
1x- Stereo Jack: Buy


v1.3 - Changed jumpers in circuit from through-hole pads to surface mount pads. v1.1 instructions still apply without any updates to the install.


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