DPDT X-Wing Momentary Pushbutton Switch - Griffin Effects

DPDT X-Wing Momentary Pushbutton Switch

Reference: DPDTXMOM1

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Momentary DPDT foot switch. Use this switch to replace a switch that is faulty. These momentary switches are normally used for digital switching or for projects where you would want to keep your foot on the switch to engage.

This is a high quality switch with solder lugs.

How this switch works:
Unpressed: The two center lugs are connected to a set of outer lugs.
Pressed: The center lugs now connect to the other set of outer lugs. Disconnecting from the previous set of outer lugs.


  • Lock Washer
  • Nylon Washer
  • Two Nuts

Technical Details

  • DPDT Momentary OFF(ON)
  • Solder Lug Terminals