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DPDT X-Wing Latching Pushbutton Switch

Reference: DPDTXLT1

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LATCHING DPDT footswitch. Use this switch to replace a switch that is faulty or use it to true bypass a pedal. These latching switches are normally used for true bypassing a pedal or for switching between a set of capacitors, resistors, etc.

This is a high quality switch with solder lugs.

How this switch works:
Initial State: The two center lugs are connected to a set of outer lugs.
Pressed: The center lugs now connect to the other set of outer lugs. Disconnecting from the previous set of outer lugs.
Pressing it again returns the switch to the initial state.


  • Lock Washer
  • Nylon Washer
  • Two Nuts

Technical Details

  • DPDT Latching ON-ON 
  • Solder Lug Terminals