Li-Ion Battery Charger Module

Li-Ion Battery Charger Module

Reference: TP4065

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This module is use a USB 5V mini to charge a Lithium ion battery. With LED indication. If you want to change the charging current, you can change the resistor as in the table.
The Module also has battery overcharging and over discharging function. It will cut the circuit if the battery are overdischarged to 2.5V and over. 3A discharge current. This will protect the battery from dying.
Module Specifications:
1. Charge module- Linear charging.
2. Current- 1A adjustable. Please see the below table for changing the charging current by changing the Rprog resistor
3. Charge precision- 1.5%.
4. Input voltage- 4.5V-5.5V.
5. Full charge voltage- 4.2V.
6. Led indicator- red is charging blue is full charged.
7. Input interface- mini USB.
8. Work temperature- -10℃ to +85℃.
9. Inversed polarity protection - NO.
10.Size- small to 26X16X10mm.
11. Overdischarge voltage protection : 2.5V
12. Overcurrent protection 3A Charge current tweak by changing resistor Rprog

30 50
20      70
10      130
5     250
4    300
3      400
2     580
1.66      690
1.5      780
1.33      900
1.2      1000


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