16mm Long Leg Solid Shaft

16mm Long Leg Solid Shaft


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16mm Solid-Shaft, Long Pin PCB Mount Potentiometer - Single Gang

Electrical Characterisics

Mechanical Characteristics

Resistance Values

5 KOhm ~ 2 MOhm  +/- 20%

Total Rotational Angle

300 deg +/- 5 deg

Residual Resistance

0.1% max of total resistance

Rotational Torque

20 ~ 200 gf/cm

Rated Power

taper A, C = 0.06W
taper B = 0.125W

Rotational Stop Strength

7 kgf/cm

Operating Voltage

taper A, C = 150V
taper B = 200V


15,000 cycles

Insulation Resistance

100MOhm min @500V DC

Gang Error

3dB max


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