Ibanez 9 Series Switch - Economy - Griffin Effects

Ibanez 9 Series Switch - Economy

Reference: IBSW9EC

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Ibanez Momentary ON/Off Replacement Switch 

While this isn't a OEM Ibanez switch, it works just fine and exactly the same. The click is louder but not bad once inside the pedal and doens't transfer to the audio signal. 

Fits Ibanez 9 series pedals: TS9, FL9, SD9, PQ9, CS9, AD9, GE9, CP9, PT9, SM9, AF9, TS9B, BB9, JD9

May fit others that aren't listed. Check your pedal.

These switches solder onto a oval PCB. There is a spring that is on the stem of the switch. Spring and oval PCB not included.