Ibanez 10 Series Switch - Griffin Effects

Ibanez 10 Series Switch

Reference: IBSW10

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Ibanez Momentary (ON)/Off Replacement Switch 

Fits Ibanez 10 series pedals: BC10, BE10, BP10, BS10, CD10, CP10, DCF10, DDL10, DDL20, DL10, DML10, DML20, DPL10, DS10, DSC10, FC10, GE10, LM7, LS10, MS10, Mt10, MB10, OT10, PC10, PH10, SC10, SF10, SK10, SS10, SS20, TC10, TS10, VL10

May fit others that aren't listed. Check your pedal for proper fitment.

These switches solder onto a square PCB with 2 legs/pins. PCB not included.
Color may vary