Dunlop Crybaby Replacement Circuit Board - Modified

Dunlop Crybaby Modboard


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  • Red Fasel
  • Yellow Fasel
  • Halo

Fully assembled circuit board with all the components, jacks, and inductor. Just plug it in and you are ready to go!

Our circuit board includes our top modifications already installed....
Inductor: Choose between the Red Fasel, Yellow Fasel, or Halo Inductor
Vocal Trim Pot: This trimmer adjusts the vocal quality of the wah. Not only did we make it adjustable, this mod adds more vocal quality.
Gain Trim Pot: This trimmer controls the gain of a transistor stage which adds volume and bass.
Volume Trim Pot: This trimmer allows you to adjust the volume output of the wah. Very handy if you true bypass your wah and it results in a volume drop.
Mids Mod: This mod adds more mids and smooths out the transition of the treadles sweep from bass to treble.
ICAR Simulation Mod: This mod simulates the taper of the old ICAR taper pots without having to change out the pot.

Optional Mods (sold separately and found in the ACCESSORIES tab) include true bypass, bass switch, external Q control, and fine control.

Fits most Crybaby pedals that have the same board configuration as the GCB-95 Rev. E-I. Contact us if you have any fitment questions.

Important: If your pedal has been modified, please check if the mods will affect this from being a drop-in install. Make sure that your pedal has the correct header pins. Older Crybaby pedals may not be a drop-in install.