Boss OEM DC Jack PCB Mount - Griffin Effects

Boss OEM DC Jack PCB Mount

Reference: BDCJPCB1



These are on backorder and have been VERY hard to get. We have a order in with Boss. We ordered 600 of them and they only sent us 102 last time and it took 7 months for those to come.
We don't know when the next batch is coming so contacting us and asking if we have a ETA isn't going to get you an ETA. We post any update the minute we get it on here. Keep in mind, if you want to cancel your order and you can't find these anywhere else and order from us again, you are now at the bottom of the list.

UPDATE 1.23.2024: We ordered another 600 of these. There was only 118 left for them to ship on our previous order and that wouldn't cover our current backorder log.

UPDATE 1.8.2024: We received 102 of them. We will be getting orders out ASAP. At this moment we have 318 orders for these on backorder. If you don't receive yours, hopefully you'll be in the next batch.

UPDATE 12.29.2023: Just received tracking. We are 200+ backordered on these now so hopefully it's a large shipment of them.

UPDATE 3.1.2023: Order of 60 came in. We'll start shipping them out immediately. I don't think this will get close to filling all the backorders though. I think we are close to 100 backordered if not more.

All orders placed will be put on a wait list in the order they are received. If you cancel your order and decide to order again because you can't find these anywhere, you'll move to the bottom of the list.

Boss OEM switching DC jack for:

Single Pedals: DD-7, OD-3, TU-2
Multi-Effects: ME-30, ME-33, ME-50, ME-80
Drum Machines: DR-202, DR-670

May fit other Boss pedals and drum machines. Check the pin configuration to see if it's the same.