Ibanez Series 9 Compact Pedal Bottom Plate for Velcro

The Ibanez™ Series 9 Bottom Plate


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  • No Recess
  • Recessed

1 layer copper shielding to help prevent any RF interference!

Comes with 2 longer screws for the middle holes of the pedal.

No more fussing around with trying to get the Velcro on the bottom of your Ibanez™ Series 9 pedal. The Ibanez bottom plate gives you a nice flat surface to attach your Velcro.

Made of sturdy corrosion resistant aluminum with a polymer protective coating on one side. It's light weight and fits nice and flush on the bottom of the pedal.

This also makes a great replacement bottom if you lost or bought a pedal that didn't have a bottom plate or battery cover.

NOTE: This also fits the TS808.