Boss Compact Pedal Bottom Plate for Velcro

Boss™ Bottom Plate - Aluminum



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  • Without DC Jack Notch
  • With DC Jack Notch
  • Recessed
  • Recessed w/ DC Jack Notch

Now made from aluminum. The aluminum is sturdier/less flexible, a little lighter, and provides a better surface for attaching Velcro.

Recessed plates are compatible with Temple Templeboard mounts and have mounting guide lines to place the mount in the center of the plate.

Choose with or without a notch at the top end of the pedal for the DC jack or recessed for a flush mount.

No more fussing around with trying to get the Velcro on the bottom of your Boss™ compact pedal. The Boss bottom plate gives you a nice flat surface to attach your Velcro.

Made of aluminum with a polymer protective coating on one side. Recessed plate have polymer coating on both sides. It's light weight and fits nice and flush on the bottom of the pedal. Also has a layer of copper for extra RF interference protection.

This also makes a great replacement bottom if you lost or bought a pedal that didn't have a bottom plate.

FYI: The solid/notch-less plates do fit the pedals that have the DC jack notched bottom plate. In fact the pedals I've tried it on held the DC jack in place rather nicely instead of being loose like with the original bottom plate.

*If you have the bare aluminum side on the inside of the pedal, make sure to have a insulating layer between the bottom and the circuit board to prevent shorts.


Q: What is the difference between the recessed plates and the non-recessed plates?
A: The recessed plates are 2x as thick and they provide recessed corners for the screws so the bottom of the plate is a flush surface without any screws sticking up while the non-recessed plate will have screws sticking up. The screws sticking up isn't usually an issue if just using Velcro as the Velcro is usually much thicker than the heads of the screws so they sit flat on a board still. The recessed plates were originally made for boards like Templeboards where you put a plate on the bottom and you need a flat surface with no screws sticking up but we think the recessed plates are nicer looking and use them on our pedals most of the time even when just using Velcro.

Q: Will these fit Waza Craft pedals?
A: Yes, as of writing this you will want the non-DC jack notched bottom plate as there are no Waza pedals with the bottom plate notched for the DC jack. Please look at your pedal though as this may change in the future.