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V847A True Bypass Kit


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True bypass for your Vox v847A. No more loss of tone or guessing if your pedal is on or off.

This wah is full of SMD components and is typically very hard for most people to mod. Not anymore! We've come up with a kit that only involves removing a few SMD components and not trying to solder those little buggers in place.

The LED OPTION - Add a 5mm LED to your pedal to tell when it's on or off. No more guessing or trying to figure out what's going on and then realizing your wah has been on the whole time! Requires drilling a hole. Choose the color you want in the options above. If you don't want a LED, choose black/none.

Also included in this kit is the Vocal mod. The Vocal mod makes it more vocal like the McCoy's and the unity volume mod which fixes any volume drop that can result from true bypassing the pedal.

Kit Contains:
3PDT or DPDT Switch
5mm LED (if chosen)
Metal Film Resistors
Desoldering Braid
Step-by-Step Instructions

Please make sure your circuit board is similar to the one in the picture. If you don't and you need instructions for a different pedal there will be a $5 charge for
instructions for a different pedal/version. If you need help identifying what you have, contact us.

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Works like a charm!

Love it! Good customer service. Save that tone!

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