Ten Band EQ Silent Night Mod Service

Ten Band EQ Silent Night Mod Service


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Choose your modifications from the drop-down menu then choose "New Pedal" to get the mod installed in a new pedal or "Your Pedal" to send us your pedal and we will install it.

Modification Descriptions:

Silent Night - This pedal tends to be pretty noisy meaning it has a lot of background noise. This mod drastically (by more than half in most settings) quiets down the background noise. Not only does this quiet down the pedal but also gives the pedal a much better overall tone.

Modification works on all versions (Blue, Black, or Silver).

10 Band EQ Samples:

YouTube Video (opens in a new window)

True Bypass Options:

3PDT Bypass - We use a 3PDT footswitch to bypass the pedal. This mod requires drilling a hole in the Blue version for the switch.

Silent Step - Microcontroller/Relay bypass that uses a soft touch switch to actuate the relay. See the Silent Step for more info. This mod requires drilling a hole in the Blue version for a switch.

LED color - This mod only applies to the True Bypass mods. The Silent Step requires we turn all the slider LED's on permanently except the Volume LED. We use the Silent Step to turn the Volume LED on/off for on/bypass. If it's the same color as the other LED's it is hard to determine if it's on or off so picking a different color for the Volume slider is a good idea. If not, leave it on Black/No Change.

To send your pedal in for modification, print and fill out this Modification Form and send it in along with your pedal. All the information you need will be on the form.

Limited 5 year warranty


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