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Dyna Comp Tone - Ross Mod Service


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Choose your modifications from the drop-down menu then choose "New Pedal" to get the mod installed in a new pedal or "Your Pedal" to send us your pedal and we will install it.

Get both the Tone control and the Ross mod installed!

Modification Descriptions:

Tone Control - Now you can adjust the amount of treble or bass! We developed a great tone control for the Dyna comp. No matter if you think the compressor has too much bass or too much treble, you can adjust it.

Ross - The holy grail of compressor mods. This converts the Dyna Comp to the same circuit as the Ross compressor.

Audio Samples:

Coming Soon!

True Bypass Options:

3PDT Bypass - Uses a 3PDT footswitch for the bypass.

Silent Step - Microcontroller/Relay bypass that uses a soft touch switch. See the Silent Step for more info.

If you choose to have the mod installed in your pedal you send in, after purchase you will receive a email with the information you need to send your pedal in.

Limited 5 year warranty