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DL4 Smart Presets Kit

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Pedal not included


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The Griffin Effects DL4 Smart Preset allows you to switch between two presets per delay type without the need for an expression pedal. This effectively doubles your presets by giving you the heel down and toe down settings at the push of a switch. A bi-color LED shows you which preset is selected. 

The Smart Preset also can turn your 1/4 note taps into dotted 1/8th notes for that "Edge" sound. 

The advantages over a mechanical switch is the Smart Preset has switch debouncing built in and the ability to convert your 1/4th to dotted 1/8th notes. The Smart Preset uses a soft touch momentary switch so there aren't any loud switch pops. 

The Griffin Effects DL4 Smart Preset kit opens up a whole bunch of possibilities and it's easy to install.

Assembled Smart Preset Main PCB
Smart Preset LED PCB
Double Sided Mounting Tape
Step-By-Step Instructions

This is for a kit. There is not a pedal included. Pedal shown for informational purposes only. This kit requires drilling.

V2.0 - We've listened to your feedback and have made the PCB bigger and spaced out the pads so it's easier to solder to. We've also included a spacer to mount the PCB on so there is no risk of shorting.

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This worked really well. As Chris B. said it could be bigger so it's easy to solder to. I had problems with the pads being so close together. I'm not great at soldering. There's no reason it should be that small. There is tons of room in there. Other than that it's amazing.

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Works great

I got this mainly for the preset switching. I don't think I'll use the 1/8th note much. It works really well and was pretty easy to install. The pads were really close together and hard to solder to.

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Reply from Griffin Effects:
Thank you for your feedback. We'll remedy this in v2.0 - Christina