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Rotos Wah Rotary Sweep Switch Module



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The Rotos Wah rotary sweep switch module is for switching multiple capacitors in your wah pedal. It is available in 4 and 6 positions (just choose from the drop-down menu).

This rotary sweep switch module turns your wah into a tonal machine. We have chosen 4 and 6 values which we already have soldered onto the Rotos Wah that will give you a great range from deep bass to screaming treble.

Smaller than a standard guitar pick, it will fit in just about any wah pedal and it's all ready for you to install it.

If you require specific values for your project, let us know and we can put whatever values you want on it.

1 - Rotos PCB with pre-installed capacitors
1 - Mini Rotary Switch
     Knob not included

Dimensions: 0.78x0.94 Inches (19.68x23.83mm)
           Height: Not including shaft: 0.33 (8.5mm)
Shaft: D-Shaft

Just slightly bigger is our Clipswitch especially made for clipping diodes and for switching just about everything else, check out the Rotos.