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Rotos Mini Rotary Switch Module



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The Rotos rotary switch module is for switching pretty much any two-legged components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes/LED's, etc. and is available in 4 and 6 positions (just choose from the drop-down menu).

Use it to switch between 4 or 6 capacitors or resistors to change the tone of your pedal. You could even wire up 4 or 6 different whole tone sections to it if you wanted to! Switch anything you want. The small size lets you put it almost anywhere. It's smaller than a standard guitar pick!

The pads on the Rotos support through-hole and SMT (both 1206 and 0805) components.

Just slightly bigger is our Clipswitch especially made for clipping diodes and for a sweep switch in your wah pedal, check out the Rotos Wah.

1 - Rotos PCB
1 - Mini Rotary Switch
Knob and components for PCB not included

Dimensions: 0.78x0.94 Inches (19.68x23.83mm)
           Height: Not including shaft: 0.33 (8.5mm)
Shaft: D-Shaft