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Clipswitch - Discontinued

Reference: GECLSW1

This product is no longer in stock


This product is discontinued and the page is only left up for reference.

The Clipswitch is a diode clipping module that can be added to existing circuits that employ diode clipping. It replaces the diodes with a 4 position rotary switch. You add the diodes you want to use to the Clipswitch board and run two wires to the existing circuit where the old diodes were. This gives you 4 clipping options instead of just one which can change the sound of a pedal dramatically.

The Clipswitch was designed to have 2 positions for axial diodes, 1 for LED's, and one for Mosfet transistors however you can put whatever diodes you want in any of the positions. Heck, you can even leave one of the positions empty for a "no diodes" clipping position.

Rotary Switch
Clipswitch PCB

Diodes and knob sold separately.

Dimensions: 0.09 x 01.11 inches (22.86 x 28.27mm) Height (no diodes) and not including shaft 0.33 inches (8.5mm)

Rotary switch does not come pre-soldered to the PCB.