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The Bi-Switch is a compact switching module that has latching AND momentary functions. Toggle seamlessly between classic on/off or a momentary action based on how long you hold the bypass switch down. The momentary action is great for emphasizing passages. There is active pop suppression controlled by a microcontroller which switches the relay noise-free. Our active pop suppression utilizes a few millisecond delay in switching the relay. We also have added a *photoMosfet to the output of the Bi-Switch to further prevent any popping. Even in high gain pedals. A LED (not included) is also incorporated into the Bi-Switch which is controlled by the microcontroller which also helps prevent popping. 

These are perfect for making killswitches!

The Bi-Switch requires a momentary off-(on) switch (not included) to turn the Bi-Switch on/off. You can use existing momentary switches such as the ones in Boss, Ibanez, DOD, etc. and maintain a stock look to the pedal. 

*Available with our without the PhotoMosfet. 

Dimension: 1.31 x 0.70 inches (33.4 x 17.8mm)
Current Draw:
PhotoMosfet Resistance: 0.85Ω
PhotoMosfet Capacitance: 0.8pF


Q: Can the Bi-Switch be used to true bypass a pedal?
A: Yes, without the PhotoMosfet you can wire up  the Bi-Switch 100% true bypass. If you add the PhotoMosfet then you have a extremely small resistance (0.68Ω) and capacitance (0.8pF) always on the output of the pedal BUT this resistance and capacitance is so small it is totally inaudible so you won't hear a difference with or without the PhotoMosfet. Well worth the added pop prevention. 

Q: What does the PhotoMosfet do exactly?
A: When you press the bypass switch it tells the microcontroller to actuate the relay. At the same time the microcontroller turns on the PhotoMosfet. Turning on the PhotoMosfet "mutes" the output of the Bi-Switch for as long as it takes the relay to switch. After the relay has switched, the PhotoMosfet turns off and lets the signal pass. This all happens so fast (30-35ms) that it's totally inaudible. 

Q: Why would I not want the PhotoMosfet?
A: If you were using the Bi-Switch for something other than bypassing a pedal. Like using it in a footswitch of a amp or a external control. There would be no need for it.

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