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Clean Boost Module



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We've been using this clean boost for years when we modify pedals that need a volume control and/or have low output. We've also built this as a stand alone booster for customers.
It's now available to you to do with what you will.

An insanely loud 50dB of clean boost.

It's small and can fit in just about any pedal.

Choose how you want to control it from the drop-down menu:
PCB Mount Potentiometer - Great for the stand-alone version or if you have enough room in the pedal you are modifying. Mounts with potentiometer so you don't have to use any double-sided foam tape.
Chassis Mount Potentiometer - For when you have less room and need to mount the potentiometer away from the clean boost PCB.
Trimpot - If you don't want an external control and want to keep it as small as possible, this is the best choice.

PCB - 26mm x 17mm
PCB with Trimmer -
PCB with PCB Potentiometer -