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The Blender blends in clean signal on pedals that don’t have a mix or blend control and provides a high impedance buffered input to any effect hooked up to it. There aren’t any special requirements to use the Blender. The input and output of the effect are hooked up directly to the Blender requiring you to only have to separate the input and output jack from your circuit.

The Blender comes fully assembled with a potentiometer and just needs wiring. Knob not included.

The Blender can be order with a PCB mounted potentiometer installed or a chassis mount potentiometer for tighter installations.

Board Dimensions: 1.2x 0.787 inches (30.48x 19.9898 mm)

Sound Samples:
YouTube Video : Bass guitar and Blender installed in Behringer VD1
YouTube Video : Guitar and Blender installed in a Behringer VD1

Version 2.0 - Converted to SMT and added phase inversion.

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Very Cool

Installed this in a Big Muff Pi. Simply amazing. I love it!

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I love it

I put this in my Boss BD-2. Makes it a way better pedal. Love it! Love it! Thank you.

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