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VPJR Volume Buffer Retrofit Kit

Reference: VPJRBUFF1

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Stop your volume pedal from destroying your tone!

What's New:

  • Piranha RGB LED that is brighter and the color is user selectable.
  • LED on/off switch
  • Selectable buffer on the tuner output

The Griffin Effects Buffer Retrofit adds and input and 2 output buffers (one on the output and one on the tuner output) to the pedal. This does two things. It isolates the pickups to prevent loading of the volume pot and removes the series resistance of the pot combining with the capacitance to ground of the guitar cable. The tone that goes in is the tone that comes out!

This kit is for the passive volume pedals. After installation, your pedal will be an active pedal and require a standard 2.1 center negative power supply (not included). The volume pedals circuit board will be replaced with a new one. This new one will have a DC jack (no drilling required) on it which can be accessed from between the treadle and the base of the pedal.

The Griffin Effects Buffer Retrofit kit comes without jacks. You can remove the jacks from your existing board and use them or get new jacks found here: Part # E14JACKM

The buffer comes with a DC jack installed.  A DC cable extension is available to make plugging a power supply in a lot easier if you plug and unplug it often. The DC jack can also be removed and placed externally in the pedals enclosure if you wish to drill a hole.

Some volume pedals have a taper switch or pot. Installing this retrofit will remove this function. This retrofit will not work on stereo pedals. Soon a retrofit will be made that incorporates these functions.

This kit has been successfully installed on these following VPJR versions:

If you version isn't listed, contact us and we can help see if it will work for your pedal. It should work in most "JR" pedals with the same jack configuration.

Power consumption: 3.5mA with LED off.

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A much needed upgrade to my old VP Jr!

I sent one of my two VP Jr's into Griffin to have them alleviate the nagging issue of "tone-suck" from this pedal. Both of my pedals have seen a ton of mileage, and this mod breathed new life into both of them! The tuner-out now works better than ever--working fantastic with both my PolyTune2 and PolyTune3, as well as my old TU-3! No treble loss to speak of, and the low-mids, and bass frequencies ring true without being too muddy! Totally worth it!

I purchased the DIY mod kit for my second VP Jr, and installed it with no problems at all. If you're smart enough to turn on a soldering iron, you can do this mod yourself in no time. I also added an external DC jack to the faceplate to save the amount of wire I needed to run to plug it in. Now I'm all set!

I bought a brand-new, third VP Jr for a third board I'm building, and ordered another Griffin mod kit so I can get it squared away as soon as it arrives!

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Buy this!

No more tone sucking! It was super easy to install too.

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Very nice upgrade. Absolutely outstanding customer service. Follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. I wanted to do the jack off-board, and since I don't use the tuner out, I left out that output and used the hole on the panel to install the power jack there. You'll have to ream it out to about 12mm to install it and use some hookup wire to connect the power jack to the board. The signal input and output jacks provide sufficient clearance to ensure the power jack doesn't short out against the board. My VP jr is a 6180.

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