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Crybaby GCB-95 True Bypass Kit



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This kit will work with The Crybaby GCB-95. All Revisions. Choose your revision from the drop-down menu. A picture of the revisions circuit board will be shown. Color of board and components may be different but the board layout should be the same.

Here's some pics to help identify what revision you have:
If you need help identifying which revision you have, contact us.

Kit Contains:
3PDT or DPDT Switch
5mm LED (if LED Color is chosen. If you don't want a LED. Choose Black/None)
Metal Film Resistors
Desoldering Braid
Step-by-Step Instructions

Switch is wired to eliminate crosstalk and popping.

Also includes these bonus mods:

Vocal mod adds more vocal quality to the wah.
Mids mod smooths out the sweep.
Unity Volume mod cures the volume drop that is a by-product of true bypassing the pedal.

Instruction passwords are found on the invoice shipped with the kit