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CBM95 Mini Wah Mod Service


Pedal not included

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These modification will work with CBM95 Crybaby Mini Wah. All Revisions.


The Q Control - Adds a potentiometer that varies the vocal content of the wah. Goes all the way from no vocal content to a lot of vocal content. More vocal content than the stock pedal.

This modification service requires drilling a hole in the enclosure. The Q control will be placed where we think it fits/works best unless you specify a different location.
Knob style/color may vary depending on stock.

Falcon Bypass - Coming Soon!

This is for a modification service that we install in your pedal. Pedal not included.

If you choose to have the mod installed in your pedal you send in, after purchase you will receive a email with the information you need to send your pedal in.