CH-1 Vibrato Mod Service

CH-1 Vibrato Mod Service


Mod service - Send us your pedal and we mod it or get it installed in a new pedal.

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Choose to send in your pedal or have it installed in a new pedal.

Modification Descriptions:

Improved Vibrato - There is one flaw with the vibrato mod most people/companies do...they simply add a switch to cut the dry signal create the vibrato effect. This means you have to flip the switch back to chorus to make the pedal bypass properly. What a pain and not really ideal. We address this issue and created a little circuit that takes care of this issue. With the Improved Vibrato mod, the pedal will bypass properly no matter if you are in chorus or vibrato mode! 
We also make the LED blink along with the rate of the pedal!

This mod will work on all revisions (both SMT and through-hole) of the CH-1 and can be installed in a new pedal.

Disclaimer: The Improved Vibrato mod requires drilling a hole for the switch in the pedal.

To send your pedal in for modification, print and fill out this Modification Form and send it in along with your pedal. All the information you need will be on the form.

Limited 5 year warranty


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