Boss CE-2 Chorus No.1 with Vibrato kit for guitar effects pedals

CE-2 No.1 with Vibrato Kit


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Modification Description:

No.1 with Vibrato - This mod makes the pedal sound fuller with more depth. It also makes the tone a little better. The status LED blinks to the speed of the Rate control. The mod also adds a small switching PCB to fix the vibrato switching as explained below.

Vibrato: The problem with vibrato for the CE-2 was that the vibrato doesn't bypass when you bypass the pedal. You had to switch the chorus/vibrato toggle back to chorus and then bypass the pedal. This has always been a hassle and not great for playing live. Not anymore! Our Vibrato Module makes it so the CE-2 will bypass properly no matter what position the toggle is in.

ACA to PSA Conversion: Converts the pedal to use the standard 9VDC PSA power adapter instead of the old 12VDC ACA power adapter.

Requires drilling a hole in the pedal for the toggle switch.

Component type/color may vary depending on stock on hand.

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