3PDT Breakout PCB with Trimpot - Griffin Effects

3PDT Breakout PCB with Trimpot

Reference: 3PDTPCB1

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The Griffin Effects 3PDT Breakout PCB makes true bypass wiring your project easy. The 3PDT Breakout PCB is set up to ground the effect input when bypassed. This allows for any DC to be drained off to help prevent any popping. LED pads are incorporated along with a miniature trimmer to adjust the brightness of the LED. No need to worry about how to mount the LED anymore.

The 3PDT Breakout PCB can be used with any project you want to true bypass. I can also be used with the Griffin Effects Jack PCBs and as our projects are updated they will include the same pin header to make wiring a snap. 


  • Fits most standard 3PDT footswitches
  • Trimmer installed to control LED brightness
  • Onboard LED mounting
  • Standard 2.54mm pin header for use with ribbon cable or pin headers
  • Small Footprint - Fits in a 1590A enclosure
  • Extra set of voltage pads that can be used as pass-through voltage

This is for the 3PDT Breakout PCB only. LED and 3PDT switch sold separately.

PCB Dimensions: 0.74 x 1.09 inches (18.8 x 27.7mm)