1590B-125B Top Mount Jack PCB - Griffin Effects

1590B-125B Top Mount Jack PCB

Reference: 1590BTM1

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Top mount jack PCB for the Hammond 1590B and 125B Enclosures.

We've combined the 1590B and the 125B into one PCB since the jacks were only 1.5mm difference.

PCB Only. Jacks sold separately

DC jack - PCB21DCJ1

Audio jack - 14SLPCB1

Dimensions: 42.4 mm* 28.2 mm
                   Height with jacks:~20.5mm

Tayda Electronics Template - 5mm LED


Will the typical 16mm pot fit under the jacks in a 1590B?

Yes, it's kind of tight but there is a little wiggle room. Cutting off the extra length of the jack lugs after they are soldered helps. The lugs are kind of long.