Ricochet PCB reverb compare to the Surfy Surfybear guitar effects pedal

Ricochet PCB

Reference: RICOCHET1

Compare to the Surfy™ SurfyBear Reverb


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The Ricochet is a Class A FET emulation of the classic Fender™ 6G15 reverb which has been popular since the early 1960's.

It is optimized for tube-like harmonic content and uses a standard 12vDC power supply.

Includes 3PDT PCB

Mouser: Parts List - Resistors, Caps, diodes, and transistors. Check notes for LED CLR.
            Improved Mixer Parts List - All parts except potentiometers

Griffin Effects: 3PDT / Jacks / LED / Potentiometers / RCA Jacks / Enclosure / DC Jack

Reverb Tank:

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