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JD10 Emulator PCB

Reference: JD10PCB1

Compare to the Award Sessions/Morley™ JD10

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The JD10 project is a reproduction of the Award Sessions/Morley™ circuit. The JD10 is a Live/Recording Guitar Amp Emulator/Humbucker Emulator/Preamp/Overdrive/EQ/Headphone Amp/Line Driver. The Swiss Army knife of pedals.

We've squeezed this down to fit in a 1590BB enclosure which leaves enough room for a few jacks and bypass switch. We made the one side of the PCB higher and you might be able to fit the jacks in there if you wanted the XLR jack. We also have pads to bypass it the way the original pedal did or true bypass it. We even have a notch in the middle of the PCB if you wanted to put the bypass switch more towards the center of the pedal like the original.

Dimensions: 113mm*63mm
Enclosure: 1590BB