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FX33 Buzz King

Reference: FX33PCB1

Compare to the DOD™ Buzz Box

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The FX33 Buzz King PCB is a reproduction of the DOD FX33 Buzz Box™. This pedal was so bad the sales just bombed so they are hard to find and expensive. The FX33 was DOD's attempt to emulate the guitar sound of the Melvins guitarist/singer King Buzzo. He used a MXR Blue Box and a ProCo Rat. DOD used the Blue Box circuit with their Grunge circuit to create this circuit in a single pedal. Nasty distortion with octave creates a great chainsaw/noise making pedal. Perfect for adding something different to your sound.

V1.2 includes a 3PDT Breakout PCB

Available PDF Download
V1.1 Interactive BOM: Open
V1.2 Interactive BOM: Coming Soon

V1.1 PCB Dimensions - 87 mm x 71 mm
V1.2 PCB Dimensions - 87 mm x 59.8 mm

V1.2 Tayda Drill Template 1590BB Enclosure, 3mm LED

Mouser: Buzz King v1.2 Parts List - All parts except potentiometers and LED.

Griffin Effects: 3PDTJacksLED / Potentiometers / Transistors

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