Vintage Treble Boost PCB - Griffin Effects

Vintage Treble Boost PCB

Reference: VTBPCB1

Compare to the Vox™ Treble Booster

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Circuit Board for the Griffin Effects Vintage Treble Booster project.

Based on the Vox Treble Booster this circuit increases the treble frequency of your guitar signal. We added a volume control to the circuit. If you don't want the volume control, you can put a jumper across pads 2 and 3 of the level control.

Adding super extra "glass shattering" treble, the Vintage Treble Booster accentuates the treble range of stringed instruments. A real boon to lead guitarists.

True bypass wiring can be found here: Griffin Effects Negative Ground True Bypass Wiring

PCB Dimensions:

11/9/2013 - v2.0: Increased Pad Size for wires.  Moved Out pad to edge of board.

Mouser: Parts List - All parts except potentiometers. Check notes for LED CLR.

Griffin Effects: 3PDTJacksLED / Potentiometers

Part lists were created choosing the best possible parts and availability at the time. Please report any mistakes, end of life, or out of stock to us to help future builders.

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Great Project

I just started soldering and this was a very easy project. Instructions were really easy to follow and it worked right when I plugged it in. Sounds great too. Very happy and can't wait to try another project.

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