Griffin Effects - Griffin Effects

Our New Look!

Our New Look!

Griffin Effects has undergone a facelift.

What's new:

1. We removed a lot of our modifications. We kept our top mods. We had so many mods it was becoming hard for customers to understand/find what they wanted let alone for us to maintain and support each mod. We will still do "custom" mods so if you have a pedal we don't have mods for, just contact us.

2. While we removed a lot of our modification service mods, we decided to add more mod kits. If you look through our mods/kits section, you will find a bunch of new kits you can purchase and install yourself.

Existing customers:

If your password doesn't work, you will need to reset your password using the Forgot my password link on the log in page. Most accounts/passwords are working so far. If you need any help, contact us.

All your orders/history has been removed. This is due to our new product structure. Each item in a order was/is linked to a product number which are all different in the new store so different products would be showing on your order.