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We will help you install a product in your pedal via emails and/or our online chat system. 
Please make sure a schematic for the pedal is available before purchasing the support. If you don't know, you can ask us.
We won't reverse engineer pedals via emails/chat. 

If you just have a question or two about installing something, you don't need to purchase this. We don't mind answering a couple questions. 

What you will get:
We'll alter the schematic to show how it's installed. If there is a good enough picture of the inside of the pedal/PCB we can make illustrations from that also. 
We'll answer any questions you have about hooking it up and help with any *MINOR troubleshooting. 

*Disclaimer - Minor troubleshooting is having a look at pictures of the install to see if we can spot anything wrong and providing suggestions on what to do to get it working.

You must purchase one installation support for each item you want support for.

If you purchase 5 items (Parasites, Sillent Steps, etc.), and want support for all of them you must purchase 5 installation supports. 

If you purchase 5 items (Parasites, Silent Steps, etc.), and only want support for 2 of them, you must purchase 2 installation supports.

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Worth every penny

I couldn't have done it without their help. They drew me a wiring daigram that was very clear and easy to follow. They also answered all my questions and I'm sure most of them were stupid.

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